Smiling, laughing, frowning, and other expressions gradually etch your skin with lines and wrinkles. These “dynamic wrinkles” form around the eyes, such as crow’s feet, worry lines, and forehead wrinkles. BOTOX injections at our Rocky Mount, North Carolina, practice smooth dynamic wrinkles, creating a more youthful appearance for women and men from Greenville, Raleigh, Wilson, Murfreesboro, Goldsboro, and surrounding areas.  

What Are the Benefits of BOTOX?

BOTOX is the most popular cosmetic treatment worldwide because it effectively erases unwanted wrinkles and lines. BOTOX and another neuromodulator offered at Park Plastic Surgery called XEOMIN® are used to reduce:

  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows
  • Lines around the lips
  • Crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes
  • Neck bands
  • Chin wrinkles

In addition to treating dynamic wrinkles, BOTOX injections can create a slimmer jawline and minimize the appearance of chin dimples. You can combine BOTOX injections with dermal fillers to restore volume in nasolabial folds, smile lines, and other areas. This is sometimes referred to as a “liquid facelift.”

Dr. Park’s Approach:

“Although multiple BOTOX alternatives are available in the US, BOTOX is the most well-known neurotoxin. It was the first approved by the FDA. The most common areas treated are between the brows, the forehead, and the crow’s feet areas of the eyes. The effectiveness in these areas is excellent and consistent.  

Neurotoxins are wonderful ways to soften the appearance of the face, especially in the area of the upper face. They can also be used to address specific muscles around the mouth, although my experience here is that the results in this area tend to be less consistent. Treatment of certain conditions of the neck is also possible.”

How Does BOTOX Work?

BOTOX, XEOMIN, Dysport®, and other neurotoxins temporarily block signals from the nervous system to the muscles used when changing expressions. Dr. Park takes a conservative approach when injecting BOTOX to ensure you look naturally more youthful.

Dr. Frederick K. Park smiling, wearing black suit with coral tie
Dr. Frederick K. Park Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

With more than 30 years of experience providing the highest quality aesthetic care at his Rocky Mount practice, Dr. Park is the choice of women and men considering plastic surgery from Greenville, Raleigh, and throughout North Carolina.

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How Much Does BOTOX Cost in Rocky Mount?

The cost of BOTOX in the Rocky Mount area depends on the number of units needed to produce the desired results and the expertise and experience of the injector. When you consult with Dr. Park, we will provide a price estimate after you describe your concerns and cosmetic goals.

Financing Options

It’s easy for qualified patients to finance their procedures through CareCredit®, which offers attractive payment plans for women and men choosing elective cosmetic surgery or nonsurgical treatments.

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How Long Do BOTOX Results Last?

Most patients see results lasting about 3 months, although the specific time differs from patient to patient and also depends on the treatment area. Patients who get BOTOX injections periodically for years often need fewer treatments as the targeted muscles atrophy.

What Is Recovery Like After BOTOX Injections?

One of the significant benefits of BOTOX is that it requires very little recovery time. Treatments typically take less than 30 minutes, and you can immediately return to your daily activities. You may notice minor bruising or swelling around the injection sites, which usually resolves in a few days.

What’s the Difference Between BOTOX and Fillers?

BOTOX and fillers treat different types of wrinkles. The expression lines BOTOX treats develop as your facial muscles relax and contract. For example, when you squint, look surprised, or smile, the muscle contraction causes the skin to fold. Over time, lines develop. Fillers such as JUVÉDERM® products and RADIESSE® treat wrinkles and creases caused by the natural aging process and sun exposure, which results in the loss of collagen, fat, and other elements essential for youthful skin.

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If you’re considering BOTOX treatments in Wilson, Greenville, or anywhere else in North Carolina, you can request a consultation with Dr. Park at our Rocky Mount location by using the online form. Or give us a call at (252) 937-5003 to schedule an appointment.