Brow Lift

Is a sagging, furrowed forehead sending the wrong message to others? In some men and women, genetics and the aging process can cause the brows to sag into the upper eye area, giving a tired, angry, or unapproachable appearance. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Frederick K. Park performs brow lift surgery in Rocky Mount to help Greenville, Wilson, Murfreesboro, and Weldon, NC, residents look refreshed and more youthful.

Dr. Park’s Approach:

“There are several options in approaching a brow lift. Small improvements in raising the brow position can be made through an upper eyelid incision during a blepharoplasty.

For brows that need to be lifted further, which is true for the majority of patients, incisions are often made in the upper forehead and scalp. These include a long incision at the hairline, small openings to put scopes through, and small incisions on the sides of the scalp just above the forehead. I have found all to be effective in the right patient.

A brow lift can also provide good access to muscles which cause forehead wrinkling and improve these as well. In some cases, it is a necessary procedure in order to raise soft tissues and skin which have sagged into the upper eyelid region when a blepharoplasty alone is inadequate.”

What Is a Brow Lift?

  • Reduces the wrinkle lines that develop horizontally across the forehead, as well as those that occur on the bridge of the nose, between the eyes
  • Improves frown lines, the vertical creases that develop between the eyebrows
  • Raises sagging brows that are hooding the upper eyelids
  • Places the eyebrows in an alert and youthful position

Other cosmetic procedures that may be performed with a brow lift include: